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Naked Cowboy Is Latest to Be Burger Battered

Photo: Courtesy of Naked Cowboy

Notorious food-phobe Naked Cowboy, obviously aware of how much press the burger beating couple got, is milking (milkshaking?) a supposed food fight with his girlfriend for publicity. Sigh. Cue the release.

Today, Naked Cowboy told onlookers that he has decided not to press charges or leave his relationship with his girlfriend of 4 years after a terrible fight at a local NYC diner left him battered. Apparently, Naked Cowboy was badly beaten up by his girlfriend after an argument ensued about his desire to support Mayor Bloomberg’s decision regarding street closures in Times Square. When asked why he wouldn’t leave his girlfriend, Naked Cowboy responded: ‘Because, it was the best fun I have ever had…’. Sources say that Naked Cowboy’s girlfriend beat him repeatedly with a cheeseburger about the head and shoulders, then finished him off with a chocolate milkshake.”

Somehow, we’re not amused. But if, say, Naked were to become a Shoot the Freak type attraction, and we could just throw hamburgers and milkshakes at him all day while he eats his protein bars, well then maybe we’d be amused.

Naked Cowboy Is Latest to Be Burger Battered