Might Marigold Kitchen Be On The Market?

Yesterday, we speculated about a few restaurants posted on Craigslist, and while a couple in the bunch were very clear (Swallow; Liberties Manayunk), the rest of the lot were a little more inscrutable.

However, the two-story University City BYOB struck a chord of familiarity, and a commenter picked up on the same possibility: could the unnamed restaurant be Marigold Kitchen?

It does inhabit two stories of a West Philly victorian, it is successful, and we believe that it has a good gross. It experienced turbulence in its early days (before hiring Michael Solomonov) and then again, when he left to open Zahav. That said, chef Erin O’Shea has garnered nothing but praise, and besides, owner Steven Cook has the makings of an empire with Marigold, Zahav, and Xochitl.

We’d love to be completely off the mark on this one — are there any other two-story University City BYOBs spring to mind?

Marigold Kitchen [MenuPages]
Zahav [MenuPages]
Xochitl [MenuPages]


Might Marigold Kitchen Be On The Market?