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Michael Pollan Solicits Eating Tips

Help me with my next best seller.
Help me with my next best seller. Photo: Courtesy of Penguin Press

In reverse form, Michael Pollan is asking readers for eating rules on the Times Well blog. Pollan already attacked a scientific approach to diet in his book In Defense of Food with the motto “Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants,” but he’s now on a mission to document ancestral, cultural, and current-day wisdom and witticisms like “Eat your colors.” Pollan’s racked up more than 400 comments on the post since this morning with most tips on moderation and eating veggies, but as you can see after the jump, some advice seems to miss the mark.

• “If I can pronounce all of the ingredients then I eat it.“

• “Greetings! Our Scandinavian food wisdom always emphasized unrefined (peasant) whole foods like whole grain bread, home grown vegetables and chickens.”

• “Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored.”

• “One meat per pizza.”

• “Eat your vegetables. You’ve never seen a rabbit wearing glasses.”

• “My Irish father-in-law used to start a night at the bar by just getting enough beer “To fill the gaps between [his] teeth” (pronounced “teet”).”

• “Never eat filters — kidney, liver etc.”

• “Eat a food in inverse proportion to how much its lobby spends to push it.”

• “Get your nutrition from food, not pills.”

• “When my husband was a child, his Shanghainese father told him that if he left any grains of rice in his bowl it meant he would marry an ugly woman.”

What’s your advice?

Michael Pollan Wants Your Food Rules [Well/NYT]

Michael Pollan Solicits Eating Tips