How to Order at Ed’s Potsticker House

Over at Serious Eats, Michael Nagrant reveals the secrets of Ed’s Potsticker House. Generally, don’t go there for the potstickers. Specifically, you’ve got to know what to order.

Nagrant recommends 636 (Cumin Flavor Lamb with Bone), C009 (pan-fried smoked pork cake), and the “vegetable candy” 512 (sweet glazed eggplant in garlic sauce), and blames the lack of ordering these items on the restaurant’s general pan when it was featured on Check, Please! For ourselves, we’ve always been partial to 502 (pork with Peking sauce) and C028 (pan-fried rice cake with pork and pickled cabbage).

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[Photo: Dee W./Yelp]


How to Order at Ed’s Potsticker House