Foodoro: The New Online Marketplace For Foodies

We recently came across an interesting new online marketplace via one of favorite blogs, Boston Food and Whine. Foodoro is a freshly launched site where anyone with a computer can order hard-to-find, artisanal foods directly from their makers. Divided into sections based on the type of food (cheese, chocolate, coffee and tea, meats and seafood, etc), the site is a great place to gather ingredients all at once. Best of all, Foodoro makes it much simply for obscure food vendors to launch their product, no matter their location.

While the Foodoro prices definitely aren’t the bargain basement types, the quality of the items is pretty outstanding. Since we naturally hightailed it to the chocolate section first, we were instantly attracted to Gelateria Naia’s chocolate gelato, which is delivered to your door in a 4 pint set that includes 4 different flavors: dark chocolate, Nutella, chocolate orange, and Scharffen Berger, which Julia Child once declared to be her personal favorite chocolate of all time.

Other options that look extremely interesting are hand crafted and sustainable El Salvadoran coffees, and a meat and seafood menu that looks lengthier than the book of Genesis. So no matter what foods you favor, head over to Foodoro to browse some of the hard to find brands out there. Julia Child would clearly approve.

Foodoro [Official Site]

[Photo: Foodoro]

Foodoro: The New Online Marketplace For Foodies