Fat Duck Reopens; BK’s First Locavore Bodega?

• Heston Blumenthal plans to reopen the Fat Duck today even though he admits in a statement “the Health Protection Agency and the local Environmental Health Office are still awaiting outstanding test results” to determine the cause of food poisoning for up to 400 diners. [Guardian UK]

• Democrats and Republicans agree on the importance of food safety but are undecided as to whether to separate the Food and Drug Administration into two agencies. [NYT]

• A recently imposed 300 percent tax on European “luxury goods” includes Roquefort cheese, meaning most stores will drop it from their shelves — including Murray’s, where there will be a farewell party for the cheese on March 22 from 2 to 5 p.m. [Feed/TONY]

• On April 1, a former Brooklyn Label chef will open Brooklyn Standard Deli, a modern-day bodega in which he plans to stock local produce, dairy, and house-baked bread, in addition to “soda, cigarettes, tampons, or an egg sandwich.” [Brooklyn Paper]

• A Canadian woman ate only free food samples for a day in New York City, except for a $13 glass of wine at Dell’Anima to score happy-hour olives and bruschetta. [Metro Canada]

Fat Duck Reopens; BK’s First Locavore Bodega?