Deal Of The Day: KO Prime Goes Recession Crazy

The upshot of the terrible economic situation is that if you’re lucky enough to still have your job, eating out has gotten a whole lot cheaper. Case in point: KO Prime. Ken Oringer’s steakhouse is offering no less than four insanely reasonably priced deals. To wit:

• KO Prime’s happy hour now features all the chili you can eat from 5pm to 7pm each and every weeknight. The type of chili rotates regularly; recent selections have included chicken and wild boar.

• Starting March 28, on Mondays and Tuesdays, you may eat all the sliced-to-order prime rib you like for $25.

• On Wednesdays, every single solitary bottle of wine is 50% off.

• A five ounce steak with fries and onion marmalade is now only $20. Trust us: you really don’t need to eat more than five ounces of steak in one sitting.

Half-priced wine, cheap steak frites, and two all-you-can-eat offers: don’t miss this opportunity to treat one of the city’s nicest steakhouses like your own personal Old Country Buffet.

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Deal Of The Day: KO Prime Goes Recession Crazy