Dining Dollars Down; New Food in Central Park

• The city is planning to add two new food options in Central Park: an outdoor café near Sheep Meadow, and a food cart with seating near Bethesda Terrace. [Eater]

• New surveys of Manhattan and Queens residents reveal that they’re cutting back on unnecessary spending and that dining out is the first thing to go. [Crain’s New York]

• After two poor seasons for production, a gallon of maple syrup now costs more than one of extra virgin olive oil or a decent Kentucky bourbon, but two New York congressmen have introduced legislation to help small producers tap more trees and increase sales. [NYT]

• The location that once housed Cafe Pierre will now be home to Le Caprice, a New York offshoot of a popular London restaurant. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• The politics of vodka: Though Putinka vodka, named for former Russian president Vladimir Putin, was extraordinarily popular, its successor, Medvedeff, named for president Dmitry Medvedev, has not been as well received. [WSJ]

Dining Dollars Down; New Food in Central Park