Ask MenuPages: Vegetarian Dumplings

Dear MenuPages,
Where can I get the best vegetarian dumplings?
-Laurel, Belmont

Just because you’ve given up meat doesn’t mean that you have to give up the doughy delight of dumplings. Here are three places that make dumplings so good, you won’t miss the meat.

Buddha’s Delight is the unquestioned master of vegetarian Chinese food in Boston and its dumplings, filled with fake pork, onion, and spices, and fried to a crisp, don’t disappoint.

• The vegetarian gyoza at JP Seafood Cafe are completely craveable. Go ahead: call it your lunch.

Myers + Chang’s tasty dumplings are stuffed with shitake and Chinese greens. They’re nicest in winter, so go get them before it gets warm!

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[Photo: Taekwonweirdo/Flickr]

Ask MenuPages: Vegetarian Dumplings