Anti-Pickle Crimes In The Mission

Left: Mr. Pickle, in his glory days. Right: What is this madness?

After last week’s disturbing theft of the hilariously anthropomorphic pickle sign out front of Mr Pickles’ sandwich shop, Mission Mission reports today that another pickle-themed sign has been defaced. Could there be a serial pickle-hater on the loose?

A sign for The Pickle Factory, apparently some kind of antiques business at 560 Alabama St., was seen covered in graffiti yesterday, including a tag by “Ribity,” an artist normally supported by Mission Mission.

On March 15, sandwich blog Breadxbread broke the disappearance of the lovable, condiment-packing sandwich bandit that normally keeps watch over the sidewalk in front of Mr. Pickles. While the abduction was traumatic, it was thought to be an isolated incident, until this week’s brazen piece of anti-pickle vandalism.

Inspectors in the San Francisco Police Department’s hate crimes unit did not characterize the two incidents as possible hate crimes, primarily because they were not asked about it. Come on, now, they have better things to do — like catch that cereal killer!

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[Photos: Left: Via Telstar Logistics/flickr; Right: Via Mission Mission]

Anti-Pickle Crimes In The Mission