AchatzBlogWatch: The Failure to Define Molecular Gastronomy

Grant Achatz has his second post up at The Atlantic Food. He’s still dishing about Madrid Fusion, this time articulating disappointment that a panel discussion including Ferran Adria, Heston Blumenthal, and Harold McGee fell flat — it was supposed to be a conversation that once and for all nailed down the definition of “molecular gastronomy,” and offered some sort of defense for its continued culinary presence. Instead, it devolved into a tired old retread of the whole “but cooking is science!” line.

Achatz is forgiving, though: “I am certainly not blaming the panel members for my own disappointment. It is very difficult to articulate clear and definitive thoughts when the dynamic involves five people speaking three different languages. But strangely, it also seems difficult for us to move past the basic defense of science in cooking, and onto the meatier subject of what this style of cuisine is all about.”

On his Twitter, Achatz hints that his forthcoming posts will be “meatier/ more interesting from now on.” Will he be tackling the definition and role of molecular gastronomy himself?

In Madrid, Defending Molecular Gastronomy [AchatzBlog]

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AchatzBlogWatch: The Failure to Define Molecular Gastronomy