3 Buck Bites Launches, Makes Us Hungry

So have you seen 3 Buck Bites yet? This new site (still in beta) from the folks at Citysearch rounds up the best food to eat for $3.99 or less, in convenient pictorial-with-commentary form. It’s all user-submitted and everything’s up for debate, so you can weigh in hardcore with your thoughts on an el cheapo taco.

What’s cool (or uncool, depending on how hungry you are) is the national scope of the thing: a $3 coffee flan from Atlas Cafe on Armitage is flanked by shrimp ceviche from Silver Lake, CA and Aussie meat pie from Atlanta.

We’re particularly pleased by how much of the (so far somewhat limited) offerings hail from our fair city — besides the flan (a perfect no-chewing-required breakfast if ever there was one), we also get plaudits for the Pete Shelley at Hot Doug’s, the luscious banh bao at Ba Le Bakery, and Sultan’s Market’s crazypants-delicious fried-egg-in-the-bread sandwiches. With only 24 shots up so far that’s (math!) more than 12% of the nation’s finest offerings of sub-$3 delights, right here in our own backyard. Or front yard. Or El line.

3 Buck Bites [Official Site]


3 Buck Bites Launches, Makes Us Hungry