2009 Gaelic Gourmet Week Set To Take Boston By Storm

We all know that Irish whiskey makes you frisky, but when it comes to Irish cuisine, there’s a world beyond the trademark meat and potatoes that first spring to mind. With the upcoming Gaelic Gourmet Week set to take Boston by storm from March 11th-19th, the city’s most acclaimed chefs are ready to cook up Irish delights. But don’t worry; there’s plenty of opportunities to drink your favorite Irish beverages too.

Wednesday’s event is a Sam Adams beer dinner at the Black Rose in Faneuil Hall. Don’t mistake the Rose for just another Faneuil drunk tank for guys in baseball hats; Chef Dan O’Donnell is set to cook a traditional meal of cockles and mussels, potato leek soup, Lamb Wellington, and Irish Heritage Trifle. The upstairs dining room has been completely refurbished, so for $50 per person guests can stay toasty warm by the fireplace with a Sam Adams in hand.

One of the biggest events of the week is the Gaelic Gourmet Gala, hosted by the Seaport Hotel Boston. Celebrated Boston chefs Rachel Klein of Aura and Barbara Lynch of, oh let’s see, No. 9 Park, Sportello, Drink, etc, will team up with Chef Gerard Reidy, who has been shipped over directly from Galway for the special event. Tickets range from $125-$500. Yes we know, pricey. But before you choke on your corned beef and hash, note that the event benefits the Fisher House, which cares for the families of veterans in need to medical help. Also, with chefs like these, the food is going to be nuts.

Gaelic Gourmet Week [Official Site]

[Photo: Celtic Thunder, pictured above, will perform at the Gala. Princess TeynRodae]

2009 Gaelic Gourmet Week Set To Take Boston By Storm