Winter Buzz At The Beehive

Frigid temperatures and economic woes aren’t keeping Bostonians from heading to the Beehive like moths to a flame. This month, Stuff@Night named the Beehive Julep, a delectable combination of rum, liquor creole, and lime, as one of their “36 Favorite Cocktails,” and the crowds at the bar sustain The Beehive’s continued success.

Along with the icy season comes a whole slew of new happenings at the ‘hive. Bypass your sleepy Saturday morning in bed with the newspaper for the uproar of the weekend jazz brunch. Each week a different performer serenades guests as they devour French favorites such as poutine (translation: gravy-smothered cheese frites). However, there’s no denying that the Beehive glows at night, and the restaurant is celebrating Valentine’s Day by “Making Love All Week.” From February 9th to the 14th, guests can sample a special Valentine’s Day menu and receive a 10 percent discount off all champagne. Clearly nothing says love better than French burlesque.

Since the Beehive is technically a tenant of the Boston Center for the Arts, one of the benefits of its location is an entire block of burgeoning arts and culture. February 18th will be the latest installment of STING!, where singles who have sent in a short personal ad will have a chance to see their self-descriptions printed on beer glasses being served during the art show. Valentine’s Day will have passed by then, but the more drinks you order, the better the chance you might get stung by that special someone.

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Winter Buzz At The Beehive