Whither the Deconstructed Chicago Dog?

Earlier today we asked how on earth it is possible that in our city of experimentation-happy chefs, there’s no crazy $50 take on the Chicago-style hot dog.

A tipster reminded us of the Chicago Dog dessert at Moto, where the look of the classic tubular meat is replicated in strawberry sorbet topped with various gelees and lemon curd “mustard” encased in a buttery cake bun. But that’s not quite what we’re thinking — where’s the deconstructed plate where a ribeye hotdog is accompanied by house-cured pickle confetti, greenmarket tomato foam, and a poppyseed confit? Is it really so much to ask?

Chefs, pay attention: We guarantee that if you put a deconstructed Chicago dog on your menu, we will write about it fawningly. That is a promise.

Moto [MenuPages]
Moto [Official Site]

[Photo of Moto’s dessert dog via Foo]


Whither the Deconstructed Chicago Dog?