Where To Dump Your Date In SF

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches, except when it’s not. Sometimes you need to gently snap Cupid’s little arrow over your knee, and this time of year can really rub that in.

With that in mind, Zagat has included in its recently released dating guides suggestions on best places to dump your no-longer-loved one. Unfortunately, however, they only released the guides for New York and Los Angeles. Where should you call it a day around here?

Well, the guide apparently suggests comfortable, crowded restaurants where a scene would be less likely. It also mentions train stations if you want to make a quick exit.

With those criteria in mind, we’re going to suggest the Ferry Building as a good place to start. It has a bunch of different restaurants, for whatever mood and income level you’re in when you pull the trigger, and it’s also near transit if you need to pull that stunt of “I have a ferry to catch.” In addition, there’s lots of waterfront along which to take long, introspective walks afterward.

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[Photo: Via Zagat]

Where To Dump Your Date In SF