Valentine’s Day Aftermath

Area restaurants were awash in Valentine’s Day dinners this past weekend, and as with any hyped-up specials, the Chowhound boards, MenuPages user reviews, and yes, blogs, are filled with feedback over how those meals went.

From Chowhound: On the suburbs beat, the dog ate my homework reports that Restaurant Taquet was a “great meal” with the exception of the overly-chive-y lobster bisque, while foodie4444 was “NOT impressed!” by at newly opened A La Maison. Says nevets, the food at Blackfish “was good, but the entree choices were very limited (scallops, beef or chicken).” At Ansill, Chowhounder mazza3 thought the dinner was “somewhere between good and very good” and gives snaps to “Mr. Ansill” for helping out with the coat-check when no one else was around.

The MenuPages reviewers are not silent either: Gnocchi was “a great, romantic experience” and “the spinach gnocchi in alfredo with chicken […] was delicious.” Another user went to Cafe Estelle, where they got eggs “cooked to perfection, w/ lots of oozing yolk for delicious home fries.” Not everywhere was a hit — Bryn Mawr’s Sola where the sweetbreads were too heavily breaded and fried.

On the blog front, Tim of Brog went to Amada where “they served us so much food that we left with a bag full of leftovers. Service was excellent and a reminder of why Amada is one of the city’s best restaurants.” This being from a blog about beer, the new Inedit beer on the menu also got mention, and despite all the hype surrounding the brew, ” Inedit always took a back seat to the food.” Over at 22nd & Philly, they dined at Osteria where the “favorite dish […] was the Primi (pasta course). We got candele with wild boar bolognese. The candele is like really wide and think fettuccine. Definitely tasted homemade and fresh, and the wild boar meat was very tasty.”

Any surprises here? Not really. As they say, the wheat separates from the chaff.

[Photo: crumpled heart via mundaylaura/Flickr]


Valentine’s Day Aftermath