Valentine’s Dates For Vegetarians And Other Alternative Types

Finally, for you dyed-hair, vegetarian, leggings-wearing, keys jingling outside your pants cyclistas in love, here are a few good veggie and alternative options for Valentine’s Day. This is going to be our last roundup for people with dates. We’ve had quite enough of you, thanks. Next we’ll see what you singles can get up to if you’re looking to join the involved throngs next year.

• The Four Seasons may not seem like the first choice for the Mission co-op living set, but Seasons actually has a very nice vegetarian menu, along with their omnivorous four-courser that looks like more of a seven-course deal from where we’re sitting (amuse, sorbet, and cheese aren’t considered courses around those parts). It’s $145, not including wine pairings.

• We didn’t see anything on the Greens Restaurant website specifically about Valentine’s Day, but they have a regular four-course prix fixe on Saturdays from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. anyway. So that’s an option.

• There’s an installment of the roving restaurant Radio Africa and Kitchen on Valentine’s Day, which would be good for vegetarians and mixed couples. While they aren’t specifically characterizing their menu as a V-Day feast, it seems to follow suit: Four courses, $55, chocolate for dessert. It’s at the a.Muse Gallery on Alabama and 18th streets. It’s BYOB, and they recommend a crisp white wine for the first courses and a medium bodied red for the remaining.

• Also in the underground roving restaurant vein, SFoodie brings word of a Valentine’s Day spread by Subculture Dining and the Dissident Chef. That one is way more underground, so you have to e-mail them and try to get a spot.

[Photo: Via dustinj/flickr]

Valentine’s Dates For Vegetarians And Other Alternative Types