Tribune Dining: Grilled Cheese Is Great Even When You’re Not High

• In his effusive roundup of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town Christopher Borrelli has a revelation: “Every grilled cheese is the greatest grilled cheese mankind ever made.” He clarifies: “I was not high, either.” His journey goes from France to the Kraft corporate headquarters and dives into the philosophical question of intent vs. execution. It is delicious the whole time.

• Phil Vettel heads to Arlington Heights for this week’s review, where he takes on Yanni’s, where the avgolemono soup is top-notch and there are plenty of Greektown-quality entrees under $20. Service could use some tightening, but then again so could the service pretty much everywhere else.

• Monica Eng goes to bat for beignets — little fried-dough bites that are traditional New Orleans fare. If you don’t want to hop the Amtrak down the Mississippi, she recommends the ones on offer at Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop, among others.

• Kevin Pang checks out the offerings at Estrella Negra for Cheap Eats, and finds that the painfully hip background music sets the stage for a weird-but-inspired menu (cheese fries in a fried tortilla bowl, or vanilla ice cream topped with spicy candied mangoes, brown sugar, honey and ground cinnamon) that has some inconsistencies but, whatever, that’s not really the point.

[Photo: faeryboots/Flickr]


Tribune Dining: Grilled Cheese Is Great Even When You’re Not High