Trendlet: Dessert Ten Billion Ways

Yesterday, Lockwood chef Phillip Foss unearthed a dessert from last summer — a multipart plating whimsically titled “Peach, Peach, Peach, Peach, Peach, Peach & Peach.”

Foss cites the dish’s inspiration as a dinner at Alinea, where this kind of variations-on-a-theme is decidedly not uncommon. The same kool-aid must have been consumed (from a flawless crystal dixie cup, no doubt) by L2O’s Laurent Gras, whose dessert menu offers the similarly-themed “Chocolate and Raspberry Done 16 Ways.” Guess what that involves.

We’ve had Gras’s version, and while we were appropriately wowed by its description on the menu (and our captain’s expert explanation, upon serving, of each Way), we weren’t blown away by the experience — ten points for textural variation, not so much for taste explosion. For his version, Foss points out that it “kind of tastes like an overthought version of” eating a peach outright. We wonder if that might be the smarter route.

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[Photo of Peachx8 (left) via The Pickled Tongue. Photo of Chocolate and Raspberry done 16 ways (right), via lennard2305’s Flickr, all rights reserved]


Trendlet: Dessert Ten Billion Ways