Top Chef

Top Chef Baldies Charm Our ‘Hot Half-Asian Chick’ Reporter at the Beatrice

Last night we were ordering drinks at the Beatrice around 3 a.m. when some bald British dude with a money clip butted into us, flashing a ten-dollar bill. We turned around to yell at him and did a double take as another trim, smiling baldie popped up next to him. The Brit had funny black-rimmed glasses and a pink dress shirt and told us we had “too-prominent teeth.” His friend, in a white T-shirt, declared us a “hot half-Asian chick with big boobs; I tell it like it is.” It didn’t take long to peg these two charmers as Toby Young and Stefan from Top Chef. Another clue: Stefan also wanted to know if we recognized him from “the show.” We’re not sure whether we imagined him bragging about Santa Monica and saying he wouldn’t move to New York if he had a million dollars.

Just as we were wondering what a judge was doing taking a contestant out on the town, we were beset by other recognizable faces from this season: Patrick, Richard, Jill, Jamie. Carla and Hosea were nowhere in sight. Then Ken Friedman of the Spotted Pig showed up in a bamboo-patterned hoodie, looking like he’d just gone snowboarding. Clearly they had all just come from the viewing party at Craftsteak. The late hour and confidentiality clauses prevented us from finding out much about the upcoming finale, but they’re staying at the Mandarin on 44th Street if you want to give it a shot.

Top Chef Baldies Charm Our ‘Hot Half-Asian Chick’ Reporter at