The Weeklies Over Coffee

Okay, sorry about the hiatus on this feature, everybody. We’re back with the over-coffee roundups, and since the Chron is being all weird these days (Rumor has it, they may have cause to be distracted), we’re going to bump the Weeklies up to the morning Over Coffee slot, and do the Chron tomorrow. So here’s your hot cuppa:

In the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

• The Guardian’s got a new column, written by The Perfect Spot’s Virginia Miller. This week, she rounds up the The Tipsy Pig and A5 Steak Lounge openings, Foreign Cinema’s upcoming 10th anniversary, and a benefit for Australian brush fire victims at South. [Appetite]

• Paul Reidinger takes a visit to Hard Knox Cafe, and comes away thoroughly impressed. [The soul of Southern comfort]

• And L.E. Leone cooks with kids, and gets out and about in her new neighborhood of Rockridge. [Cheap Eats]

Meanwhile, at the SF Weekly:

• Meredith Brody has mixed experiences at Baby Blues BBQ. [Got the Baby Blues]

The Weeklies Over Coffee