The Multitude Of Pinkberry And Red Mango Imitators

Like so many things in life, the Pinkberry-style froyo obsession can likely be traced directly back to The Hills. Pinkberry may have been popular in Los Angeles before Lauren Conrad and her posse traipsed through the city, but as far as we’re concerned, Pinkberry was only elevated to a national level after the seminal Season 2 episode wherein Spencer gives Audrina secondhand roses at Pinkberry.

Since then, Pinkberry (and then Red Mango) doppelgangers have sprouted up across the country, and despite the economy, the fact that we’re still in the dead of winter, and the irrelevance of The Hills, the frozen yogurt copycats show no signs of stopping.

Yesterday, we wrote about the opening of a Yogorino. Today, Eater NY had an item about the opening of a “Blue Mango” in Brooklyn, which is “a rip off of both the Pinkberry exterior and the Red Mango name.” This isn’t the first of these, which got us wondering: how many of these imitators are out there? And just how bold do they get?

After the jump, a list of the 14 most egregious ripoffs!

1. Red Kiwi
2. Blissberry
3. Yo! Berry
4. Peachberry
5. Red Cherry
6. Blue Mango
7. BerryLine
8. Kiwiberri
9. Iceberry
10. Yogurberry
11. Yoberi
12. Snowberry
13. Berrigood
14. Yogiberry

As a bonus, Chicago is the home of Starfruit. It’s not exactly a rip off, but they do have the best website in the world.

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[Photo: Red Mango via меr/Flickr]

The Multitude Of Pinkberry And Red Mango Imitators