Sun-Times Food: Knead To Know

• Make bread at home in just five minutes a day! It might sound like an informercial, but it’s a cookbook — one that’s apparently taking the world by storm — and Leah A. Zeldes has the scoop. It’s based on a single no-knead recipe, so we’re not entirely sure why you need an entire book when you can get a similar version for free from the New York Times.

• Lisa Donovan is happy to tell us all about empanadas. Are they the new cupcake? Maybe!

• If you’re one of those people who clips recipes (you’re probably not, since you are reading the internet right now, but hey — it could happen), and you’ve found that they’re disorganized and you’re not happy with that, here’s a solution.

• Chris Macchia, chef at Coco Pazzo, loves him some braises.

[Photo: breibeest/Flickr]


Sun-Times Food: Knead To Know