Sun-Times Food: Ironclad

• Gotta love the creative twist on the otherwise-predictable V-Day coverage: Michael Nagrant talks about object love, specifically his deep and monogamous relationship with cast-iron cookware. His passion isn’t his alone — the love is endorsed by cooks from Mado and graham elliot, plus a handful of anecdotal stories about century-old heirloom skillets. For our part, we would be delighted to receive a cast-iron skillet for Valentine’s Day. Screw diamonds — these suckers are forever.

• Oh mah gah. Taste of Peru offers a soup called Sopa Viagra. Lisa Donovan reports: “The reason we call it Viagra is it has 14, 15 types of fish and crustaceans in it and so much iron, so much phosphorus, once you drink it, it makes you very tired. But once you wake up, it makes you very alive,” says Cesar Izquierdo, owner of Taste of Peru. “You’re full of life – put it that way.” Amazing!

• Chicago Chef Billy Parisi has started a website on which he helps hapless home cooks fix their recipes. The site is called, and we are pleased by it.

• Ina Pinkney of Ina’s shares her recipe for flourless chocolate cake, one of her signature dishes.

• Various restaurants are offering goodie-bag incentives to get couples in the door for V-Day: You can get body wash (!?) at NoMI, a souvenir menu at Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge, and at Lawry’s The Prime Rib you’ll go home with a key chain shaped like a carving cart. Romantic!

[Photo: cybrgrl/Flickr]


Sun-Times Food: Ironclad