Primehouse’s Special Pancake Menu

In honor of National Pancake Month (you’re celebrating, right?) Rick Gresh, the chef at David Burke’s Primehouse, has put together a special pancake menu that runs next week, Monday to Friday. Whatever time of day, he’s got it taken care of — PB&J; half-dollar stacks, choco-banana cakes with cherry syrup.

In keeping with the current trend for savory breakfast items, there’s a selection of savory pancakes as well. A riff on a hearty breakfast with a steak, egg, mushroom, caramelized onion, and spinach pancake, or a riff on insane indulgence with a lobster pancake made with rich egg batter, truffle butter, and chili threads. Indulge your pancake-loving inner francophile with a duck confit and potato pancake with whipped brie, balsamic, and mache, or go classic aristocrat brunch with peppered salmon and corn, preserved onions, and caviar.

It’s also a wallet-friendly option — the most expensive of the bunch, the lobster-truffle behemoth, clocks in at $16, with the rest under $14. Pancakes for dinner, anyone?

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Primehouse’s Special Pancake Menu