Waterbar’s New Bar Menu

Another day, another discounted bar menu debuts at a high-end restaurant. This trend rules, as it allows people with normal incomes to try the food at places we couldn’t previously have afforded even a cocktail.

Waterbar announced today that it would start serving a new bar menu, including a objectively great happy-hour deal on cocktails and oysters: The Drinks and a Dozen offer includes a $5 cocktail and a dozen oysters of the day for $1 each. For a restaurant known for the extensive damage it can do to your wallet, that’s a steal. You’d better get there early enough, though, as happy hour only lasts from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The bar menu lasts till 9 p.m., and includes a few new items, such as a fried fish sandwich with celery root remoulade; fish kebobs with butter lettuce and dipping sauces; and Waterbar beef sliders with grilled caramelized onions, arugula and aioli.

However, the news comes on the heels of a bit of a flap over the bar menu at Waterbar’s sibling restaurant, Epic Roasthouse. Last week, Eater linked back to a Chowhound post complaining of uneven closing times for the bar menu at that restaurant. Chezchristine reported that she and her party weren’t told in advance that the restaurant would stop serving the bar menu early the night they went, and therefor didn’t get a chance to order from it. For the record, she did update her post saying that the restaurant followed up with her and made nice with a free drink for next time.

Like we said before, this trend of restaurants offering cheaper menus and even spawning lower-end spin-offs is great. It’s a delicate dance, though, as restaurant’s won’t keep serving a bar menu if the bar’s empty and nobody’s buying. Seems last week’s Chowhound thing was a case of information not reaching the customer in time.

Waterbar seems eager to debut its new deals, and we don’t think anything’s going to interfere with the relatively early-ending happy hour. With spring on the way, this seems like a good excuse to sneak out of the office early for some waterfront slurping.

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Waterbar’s New Bar Menu