Valentine’s Day For Singles: Rise Above It

Well, we said we’d bring you news of singles events for those of you who aren’t attached tomorrow, but darned, there don’t seem to be very many of them, at least in the restaurant world. That may be just as well, anyway, as we feel it might be just a touch humiliating to go out and force some romance on this ickiest day of the year. This is one time we don’t advocate lone wolf dining.

But for those of you less self conscious and more outgoing, there are a few options:

Supperclub is promising a lusty evening in their strange bed-ridden dining room. They’ve got members of the Suicide Girls hosting a party after their dinner event. This seems like one not to bring a date to.

• Another singles-friendly dinner/dance happens at Levende, where they have a big, five-course dinner for $75, then dancing and stuff afterward. Frankly, we could take or leave the dance party, but the dinner menu seems alright. Especially the seared ahi tuna with shaved apple, serrano chili oil & tosa soy sauce.

Okay, you know what? we’re not going to go on with all this. Do you really want to force it as a single person on valentine’s day? No. You are above that. Here is what you do: You get all your other single friends together and head to your favorite, least scene-y neighborhood bar to shoot pool and toss a few back, pals-like. That’s low-stress, fun, and more likely to lead to future romance than at one of these big, charged fiascos.

Alternatively, you embrace the opportunity to positively revel in your alone time. Grab a gigantic burrito and a whole pint of ice cream and watch — preferably while lying on the floor in your underwear — the most indulgent movie that your past or future significant other won’t tolerate. For us, this night would consist of a super carnitas burrito from Taqueria San Francisco (extra salsa verde, please), a pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, and a double feature of the Dirty Dozen and The Guns of Navarone. Oh, man, Saturday is looking up.

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Valentine’s Day For Singles: Rise Above It