High Five! Indian

Welcome to High Five!, a feature where we let you in on some of the most popular restaurant listings on MenuPages in the past month, as determined by what you (yes you!) click on.

Today’s round is a look at the top five most clicked on Indian restaurants in the city. (The inspiration is purely current personal food cravings.) As with Mexican and pho, the stats basically mirror the Indian restaurants with the most buzz surrounding them.

1. Bindi
2. Ekta
3. Tiffin (The original location)
4. New Samosa
5. Minar Palace

It’s interesting, though not unexpected, to see that Tiffin and Ekta are neck in neck. The only surprise is in the order: we would have expected Tiffin to get more views, if only because Ekta only opened over the summer.

[Photo: via roboppy/Flickr]


High Five! Indian