Otto Waitress Sara Barron Was Canned the Day After Outing ‘Twat Waffle’

Photo: Amanda Rowan/Rowan Imagery

As we reported earlier, Sara Barron lost her job at Otto (a.k.a. Hell) some time after writing her exposé of Luigi (Mario Batali) and Twat Waffle (Michael Stipe). Turns out, she lost it the day after the Post item about her forthcoming memoir, People Are Unappealing. “I got a call on Friday from the GM from Hell, who told me that he/she had to fire me for recession reasons because they were making cutbacks throughout the entire restaurant.” Barron assumes that was just an excuse, because she says the restaurant is currently hiring, and none of her friends who are still there have been canned. (Plus, this is the place that, according to Barron, once offered $400 for the capture of an elusive kitchen rat — an actual rat, not a rat of Barron’s variety).

So, has Barron gotten an apology from Twat Waffle? Not quite. She hears from her insider friends that he dined with Luigi at the restaurant not a week after the Post item ran, held court for a few hours, and they still didn’t tip! And will Luigi be invited to Barron’s upcoming book party? “Absolutely not. He’s a terrifying man,” she says. “I worked for him for six years and he never called me by name, but I know for a fact, because I used to date a sous-chef at one of his other restaurants, that he instead called me ‘the girl with the good ass.’”

Otto Waitress Sara Barron Was Canned the Day After Outing ‘Twat