Nick’s #1 Italian Beef

Nick Kindelsperger of The Paupered Chef was skeptical of Italian beef when he first moved to Chicago, but a trip to Al’s #1 on Taylor Street converted him:

The sandwich is astonishingly tender and succulent, and the peppers provide the vinegary hit to cut through the heaviness of the meat. It’s an absolutely brilliant sandwich, and one that has messed with my head for weeks now.

But since the focus of The Paupered Chef is making things at home, Nick’s currently brainstorming the best way to replicate the Al’s #1 experience in his own kitchen. Sirloin tip — check. Long slow roast — check. The comments, too, are a treasure trove of “My First Beef” stories.

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[Photo via The Paupered Chef]


Nick’s #1 Italian Beef