Sel De La Terre Lures You In With Cocktails And Discounts

In an effort to beat the winter blues that plague most Bostonians upon exiting their apartments in the morning, we’ve heard of some fantastic remedies to sweep you into a Winter Wonderland. Boston area mini-chain Sel De La Terre, famous for its exquisite, Atkins-derailing bread, is offering cocktail classes every other Thursday at its Long Wharf location.

Head bartender Ted Kilpatrick will be the coach of the cocktail, with revolving themes each session. $21 will get you a sampling of 4 to 6 cocktails, plus small bites to nosh on while concocting your beverages. Sessions have titles such as “Prohibition Era Cocktails- What the Cool People were Drinking From 1920-1933” and “History of the Martini- And Why that Bright Green Thing You are Holding is Not One.” If you’re imagining this is going to be reminiscent of a scene out of Cocktail where Tom Cruise learns to juggle bottles of vodka, please don’t consider signing up. It was bizarre enough in the film.

A benefit of signing up for these creative cocktailing classes is the 21% discount you’ll get off your dinner, if you choose to stay for the rest of the evening. And with Sel de la Terre’s famous chocolate espresso molten fondant cake on the dessert menu, we’re pretty positive you will.

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Sel De La Terre Lures You In With Cocktails And Discounts