High Five! Mexican

Welcome to High Five!, a feature where we let you in on some of the most popular restaurant listings on MenuPages in the past month, as determined by what you (yes you!) click on.

The past couple years have seen lots of new Mexican restaurants open in Philly, which is one trend that we can get behind. Since there are so many popular Mexican places, and because so many of them are really excellent, we were really curious about what the top five would look like before we looked at our data.

We’re learning that the top five most clicked on restaurants are sort of like mystery flavor Dum Dums: there’s no way to predict what the results will be, and they’re often not the expected. Since it’s actually 5:30, and not 5:00, we’ve thrown in a bonus sixth restaurant today.

1. Distrito
2. Las Margaritas
3. El Vez
4. Adobe Cafe
5. Lolita
6. Taqueria La Veracruzana

We’re not gonna lie: it’s heartening to see results that make sense. Distrito is acclaimed, trendy, new, and part of the Garces Restaurant Group, so it seems natural to find it in the number one spot.


High Five! Mexican