Heat Up At The Bar With A Hot Cocktail

In the dog days of winter, Bostonians don’t exactly crave margaritas and mojitos with the same fervor as they do in the middle of July. So while the heat is on in the house, let it be at the bar as well. Hot alcoholic beverages have become extremely popular around town recently, probably due to the expert mixologists at certain bars. So go forth, Bostonians, and catch a buzz while warming up at some of the city’s best watering holes.

One of the most acclaimed bars in town, Eastern Standard’s cocktails are of such quality that they rival the delicious food. Sit back at their luxurious bar and sip on a Hot Toddy, which they are happy to customize to your liking. Down in Copley Square, the Oak Room’s menu features an entire page of coffee-infused cocktails, for those who love a traditional jolt from java. Enjoy your meal against the luxurious Fairmont Copley Plaza’s decadent layout, including the famous golden lions out front.

We can’t wait for the B-Side Lounge, which has a tradition of serving excellent hot cocktails including an alcoholic hot chocolate, to reopen. While you may not have enjoyed this one after a long day of sledding and ice skating as a kid, now you can revel in your adulthood when the B-Side reopens soon.

Eastern Standard [Official Site]
Oak Room [Official Site]
B-Side Lounge [Official Site]

[Photo: Boston Phoenix]

Heat Up At The Bar With A Hot Cocktail