Fun With Words

These guys have a roll named after them at Tsunami. What do you have?

Menu item of the week: The Pleasure Kills roll at the new Tsunami, the Dajani Group’s latest opening near the Caltrain station.

What’s with this menu, anyway? The signature rolls seem to have been named by overexcited KALX music directors. Wouldn’t you go see an alt-country band called Honky Tonk Pistol? Or a novelty vegan hardcore band called Veggie Tiger? Absolutely yes. And then they just threw in “1977” because that was a great year for music. Hilarious.

Also funny today in the menu writing department: Cote Sud’s March 18th wine dinner apparently features an appetizer of a “Traditional Potatoe [sic] Leek Soup.” Dan Quayle, how we missed you.

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[Photo: Via Pleasure Kills/Myspace]

Fun With Words