Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Italian Beef

Today in the Reader, The Straight Dope explores the origins of Italian beef:

According to [Dave Howey, head of Chicago Franchise Systems, which owns Al’s No 1 Italian Beef], Al Ferreri and his sister and brother-in-law, Frances and Chris Pacelli, Sr., invented the Italian beef sandwich in 1938 — or more precisely, that’s when they began making the sandwiches for delivery to local factory workers … During the Depression, people in the old Italian neighborhoods had come up with the idea of “peanut weddings,” low-budget celebrations held in church basements and such featuring inexpensive fare. Not wishing to dispense with meat altogether, someone had a bright idea: the beef will go a lot farther if we slice it really thin. Add in some Italian spices and crusty bread and you had a first-rate sandwich.

That’s just the beginning, though — besides just cluing us in to the history of the Beef, Cecil dives extraordinarily deeply into the present and the future of the iconic sandwich (hint: It solves the Middle East peace crisis).

Speaking of Italian beef, when we last checked in with Nick Kindelsperger’s attempts to make Italian beef at home, he had a technique but hadn’t yet made the sandwich. Well, now he has. If you’re looking to go head-to-head against Al’s (or if you’re a far flung Chicagoan pining for the foods of home), Nick’s recipe looks good enough to have us drooling at our desks.

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[Photo via The Paupered Chef]


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Italian Beef