E.U., Seymour Burton Team to Open Butcher Bay on Friday

Butcher Bay, nee Seymour Burton.
Butcher Bay, nee Seymour Burton. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

If ever there were a pair of restaurateurs who had learned things the hard way, it would be Jason Hennings and Bob Giraldi, the team behind the beleaguered now-open, now-shuttered, now-open-again, now-shuttered-probably-for-good-this-time E.U. This week they join forces with another tough-luck restaurateur, Adam Cohn (of the late, lamented Seymour Burton), presumably to commiserate and swap war stories, but also to open Butcher Bay in the old Seymour space on Friday.

The dining room has been gutted: Where once there was a communal table, now there’s a bar and a raw bar with some salvaged marble from the Kurowycky butcher shop. The menu reads part fish shack (oyster chowder, fried clam bellies, lobster), but also delves into Mid-Atlantic Americana and beyond with boiled blue crabs, oyster po’ boys, shrimp hush puppies, and chili dogs. And it looks like Cohn’s beloved Maryland-style fried chicken (which he had once hoped to sell from a take-out window at Seymour Burton) has finally made the cut.

Butcher Bay; 511 E. 5th St., nr. Ave. A; 212-260-1333

E.U., Seymour Burton Team to Open Butcher Bay on Friday