Drinking Club Guzzles Boston By The Letter

We were recently introduced to a group of “young professionals, jugglers, singles, students, and professional cart-wheelers” who guzzle Boston by storm through their visits of area bars chosen by the first letter of their name. They’ve made it all the way to U so far, and in the mean time have created a social club that encourages getting away from the cubicle once in awhile. We recently emailed the club’s founders to learn more.

MP: What made you decide to start a drinking club?
ABC: Our interest in trying new bars and having friends to do it with! Really, it was a way to formalize happy hour and make it easier for people to commit. It’s been an exciting, low-pressure way to meet new friends. There are also SO many bars in Boston that you wish you could try, but never have had a reason to. This gives people a reason to try a new bar, maybe in a neighborhood they’ve never been to. It gets people out of their “bar comfort zone.” We try to switch up the location and the vibe of the bars, ranging from dive bars such as Beacon Hill Pub and The Dugout to classy joints like Clink, Noir, and Top of the Hub.

MP: Why did you choose the alphabet?
ABC: The history of our club is as follows: Sitting in their “tri-cube” one lazy Tuesday, geniuses Leslie, Ashley and semi-conscious Jessica decided it was high time they found a reason to spend more time together. Always the optimist, Ashley said they should make a monthly commitment to going out after work. Always the planner, Leslie suggested they set the dates well in advance. Always the socialite, Jessica suggested a bar crawl. Combining their special powers and vast knowledge of the alphabet, the ABC Club Boston was born. Since we are experts in alphabetical knowledge, it was only natural that we gravitated toward drinking in that order.

MP: Have you ever been unable to find a bar for a certain letter?
ABC: So far, no, however, we did stretch it a bit for Q. Went to Ned Devine’s in Quincy Market. We committed to the “Q” theme by providing a quizzical quiz, quantity guessing game and Q-tips (basically fortune cookie fortunes but called something else). Some letters are obviously more challenging than others. Y Bar will actually be “Your Choice” and the members will be encouraged to vote for 8 pre-selected establishments online and at X bar. (Don’t’ ask I can’t tell you X yet!) It’ll be a great way for members to participate in the decision making!

MP: Did you ever end up in a horrible location just because you wanted to keep on the letter trail?
ABC: None of the bars have ever been horrible because our group brings the F-U-N anywhere we go. We’ve had some interesting challenges though! For M bar we went to Maluken and upon walking in was told we could have a seat at the bar…the sushi bar! Thank goodness sake, beer and wine were available by ordering in the dining room. Karaoke was a HUGE hit and we had record attendance.

Fun note: as the night progresses, A-B-C chants can usually be heard at the bar (except at classy joints). At our L bar, Lucky’s, the live band kept including ABC club in their lyrics and the crowd went wild!

ABC Club Boston [Official Site]

[Photo: Apawood]

Drinking Club Guzzles Boston By The Letter