Cheap Eats: Financial District

If you’ve attempted to grab a coffee during the typical lunch hour downtown, then you understand that a) there are still hordes of employed people left in Boston despite what you’ve heard and b) every single one of them is in front of you in line. Yeah, we imagined the Financial District to be a ghost town where ex-investment bankers are asking if you’d like fries with that. Still, everyone is looking for a lunch bargain, no matter their employment status. Some of the best hole-in-the-wall locations happen to be deep downtown, so ditch your spot in line for the chupitos at 7-11 and join us for a tour.

Back in our unsuccessful four month spread in corporate life, we frequently heard people in our office refer to going to “The King” for lunch. We assumed it was a Burger King reference, and didn’t touch the topic with a ten foot pole until we discovered they were actually referring to the Falafel King on Washington Street. One of the best Middle Eastern spots in the city, it’s also one of the cheapest.

Sam La Grassa’s describes itself as having the “world’s #1 sandwiches,” and we have to admit this is one location that has the goods to back up the bravado. Serving oversized sandwiches like a true deli should, Sam’s bakes all their bread fresh on a daily basis and leaves you with enough leftovers to doggie bag your lunch the next day. Tucked behind the giant Borders in Downtown Crossing, the location isn’t that visible but is definitely widely-known. Our point? The lunch line can get pretty lengthy, so get there in time to guarantee yourself a sandwich.

The hunt for quality Italian cuisine at a lunch-hour pace and price can be quite the task. Viga is light years ahead of Sbarro but equally as time efficient. The pizza and pasta options vary by day, but are always quick and delicious. Like the previously mentioned location, lines can get lengthy, so make sure you’re allowed to step out of the office for a few. True, eating lunch at your desk while typing up that TPS report may not be the most glamorous meal you’ve ever had, but it beats hoovering your children’s leftover peanut butter and jelly any day.

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Cheap Eats: Financial District