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CB3 Approves Taqueria With Basement D.J.’s for Suba Space

Last night’s meeting of CB3’s liquor-licensing committee played out like an episode of Gossip Girl. The five-hour saga saw tears, jeers, and only seven out of seventeen applications being approved. We’ll start with the taqueria that’s going into the recently sold Suba — which sounds to us like the Shamlian brothers’ attempt to open a Lower East Side version of La Esquina.

Vote: For
The tentatively titled MPDRAW was approved to turn Suba into a taqueria with a full bar; it will have a takeout window selling three tacos for ten dollars. The approval rested on the conditions that the owners close the patio, provide adequate soundproofing, guarantee that any D.J.-ing would occur in the basement, and designate someone that disperses sidewalk crowds. They hope to open in March.

Despite complaints, Webster Hall was approved for renewal provided it continues outreach to neighbors and police.

Dan Drobnis and Jon Allen are taking over Affetati from ex–Velvet Cigar Lounge owner Jason Alvator, and will open it as Cure in two or three weeks. It will feature a similar menu of cured and dry meats as well as a variety of cheeses, including mozzarella and Parmesan. The espresso machine will be gone from the center of the restaurant and the configuration will be based on tables and couches fit for nineteen people.

Owners Paul Kirenan and Sean Haynen wanted to turn Lucky Stiffs into Stokes, a bar and grill that resembles a food-heavy sports bar. They were approved to open the bar with the stipulation that the outdoor patio be removed from the request.

Ten Bells was approved for renewal, despite complaints about its façade doors, which will now have to be closed at seven every night.

Vote: Against
The Upper East Side’s Bruno Jamais was rejected in its bid to open another location serving wine on 123 Ludlow Street, which falls in a resolution area. “Down here it’s a zoo on weekends,” one board member said. “You’re just another animal.”

Despite its many signatures of support, Café Khufu, a hookah bar and restaurant, was denied its restaurant wine-liquor license because it wasn’t grandfathered for commercial use.

Thai restaurant Eat-Pisode was also denied a restaurant wine license because it failed to provide substantial community support from its resolution area.

No Vote
Withdrawing their applications until a future meeting were the karaoke bar Fat Panda (an expansion of Planet Rose), Eastville Comedy Club, Christos Restaurant, and French bistro Sonia Rose. The licensing committee’s recommendations now go to the full board for final vote tomorrow.

CB3 Approves Taqueria With Basement D.J.’s for Suba Space