Boston Starbucks United In Decaffeination?

Recently Boston Magazine’s blog Chowder reported that a Boston Starbucks claimed to not be selling decaf in the afternoons anymore as a method of saving money. It turns out this was a company-wide decision, put in place to stop Starbucks’ massive money hemorrhage. Naturally, the purchaser was in disbelief, since legions of people have to switch to decaf by the mid-afternoon to avoid tossing and turning all night long with the caffeine jitters. Though he checked out a few other ‘Bux of Boston, including a couple of the “high-volume drip stores” (read: Financial District locations where Starbucks drinkers are caffeinating-up to work 14 hour days to avoid the chopping block), we decided to do a little inspection ourselves.

The 1 Charles Street location may no longer be Clark Rockefeller’s morning haunt, but tons of Beacon Hill mommies and daddies heading to their jobs downtown make this Starbucks their first stop every morning. Friendly barista Bryan notified us the location would “absolutely” be selling decaf in the afternoons and evening, “especially in this market.” While we may have never ordered a decaffeinated beverage in our life, it’s still comforting to know that other Bostonians can sleep soundly.

Next stop in the investigation of decaffeination? Cambridge Street, also a frequent escape for area employees, especially those who work across the street at Mass General. Our slightly confused barista replied “Uh…As of right now we are.” We couldn’t determine whether he knew of some plan in the works, or just simply know. Either way, it looks like sometime you might just have to rely on that good ol’ office coffee pot to get you through the day, decaf or not.

Jittery Does It: Starbucks Stops P.M. Decaf [Chowder/Boston Magazine]

[Photo: Goodies First]

Boston Starbucks United In Decaffeination?