Agreed: Servers, Stop Being So Saccharine About Dessert

Photo: Melissa Hom

We totally agree with Jezebel’s jeremiad against servers who act all cutely conspiratorial about whether you’re going to order dessert. Though, this being one of our least favorite dining rituals, we have to point out that males, too, are forced to suffer through sing-songy inquiries about whether they’ve “saved room” tee hee. Our theory isn’t so much that sexism is involved (though yes, women may experience this more), but rather that people (servers included) just naturally get annoying when they’re talking about sweets.

This is probably why cupcakeheads bother us — do you have to talk about how you’re blowing your diet when you eat them? (A new Atlantic article argues that they’re not any more indulgent than muffins.) Just enjoy the things and shuddup! Likewise, offer us a dessert menu without saying something like, “I love the chocolate cake, myself. I can’t eat it, though, or I’d be huge.” Would you say that while recommending the filet mignon? We, in turn, promise to simply say “No thanks” when we refuse dessert, rather than “I better not, hee hee hee.”

Dear Restaurant Servers: Stop Being Conspiratorial About Dessert [Jezebel]

Agreed: Servers, Stop Being So Saccharine About Dessert