You Should Be Dancing

We’ll argue anyone to death that Saturday Night Fever is one of the greatest movies ever made. Here you have a leading character, played by John Travolta, who isn’t even that likable. He’s rather racist, a complete jerk to women, and drives his family crazy. Yet somehow in there, the audience sympathizes with this boy who simply dreams of disco. Well Boston has another boy that just dreams of disco, but instead of dancing the night away, he spends it at his North End restaurants. We’re talking of course about restauranteur Nick Verano, owner of Hanover Street’s Strega. However when we heard about his new restaurant, Nico, and its Saturday Night Fever-inspired theme, we knew we simply had to stop by.

Lit up like a nightclub from the outside, Verano greeted us at the door. We said “Hello, how are you?” He responded with “A lot better now that you ladies are here!” Inside, a disco ball twirled around as multiple flat screen televisions played clips from Saturday Night Fever and Soul Train. A small but lively bar scene and waiters who weren’t afraid to shake it along to disco hits were definitely a humorous addition to the scene.

We were hoping the food wouldn’t be lackluster since the decorating was so…bright. But luckily, our meal was delicious. We started with the Nico salad, a mix of baby arugula, pecans, gorgonzola cheese, and pears mixed in a pomegranate vinagrette. Next we went with the Gnocchi Sorrentina, with its soft and creamy potatoes dumplings. Our girlfriends were equally as pleased with their meal, and we swore we’d come back for a little bit more disco fever.

Strega [Official Site]
Nico [Official Site]

[Photo: ABC News]

You Should Be Dancing