We Love The Red, White, And Green

When it comes to Italian, we’ve finally graduated from the plain pasta and butter days of undergrad. (Well, most of the time.) When we want the real deal, we practically sprint to Pomodoro. This North End establishment has long been a purveyor of delicious cream and red sauces, though when forced to choose between the two, we never can (so encourage your date to other whatever you don’t). Staying in business all these years is easy when you hire such efficient, friendly staff and such consistently amazing cooks. As always seems to be the case in Boston, this place is tiny. That doesn’t mean we don’t try to squeeze our entire posse into the back when it’s someone’s birthday. Alternately, you can try to grab a window seat during the week if you and a friend stop in.

Pomodoro prides itself on its classic fried calamari, and we agree that alone makes us call for a reservation. They keep it simple - one red wine, one white - but that’s all part of the charm. Finding great Italian in the North End isn’t exactly difficult, but finding the best is easier when you know where to start.

Stop by an ATM on the way to this cash-only establishment. And, find an alternative for Monday. That’s their only day off.

Pomodoro Restaurant [Official Site]

[Photo: FotooVanRobin/Flickr]

We Love The Red, White, And Green