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Toby Young Thinks Adam Platt Is, Like, Totally Jealous of Him

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Toby Young seems determined to keep losing friends and alienating people — most recently, Adam Platt. He tells the Yahoo TV blog, “I’ve gotten a lot of [flack] from various American food critics since my debut last week including [from] Adam Platt — the food critic of New York magazine — and I dare say that they’re all very cross that they weren’t asked to appear as judges on Top Chef.” He continues: “I imagine someone like Adam Platt would be very fair-minded, very judicious, and would spend several minutes advertising just how much he knew about each dish that was placed before him. And, as my old editor knows, that’s very boring for people who just have a general interest in a subject.” Young claims that Brits are more outspoken — clearly he hasn’t read many Platt chats. And did it occur to Young that Platt wouldn’t be able to go on the show anyway, due to concerns about anonymity?

Finally, we take exception to the idea that critics of the show are jealous that they weren’t invited. During the Miami season, Grub Street’s, ahem, outspoken editors, Daniel Maurer and Josh Ozersky, were asked to be judges, but there was eventually a last-minute “change in creative.” Do you think that’s why we’ve lost patience with some of the show’s gimmicks? Just because Top Chef didn’t think we were as cool as, say, Toby Young? What was up with that, anyway! Toby Young?

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Toby Young Thinks Adam Platt Is, Like, Totally Jealous of Him