Things That Go Bump In The Night

Deep in the trenches of Downtown Crossing, there’s lots of goings on after dark. And it’s not just those loud school kids in uniforms staying out late, or the club dwellers freezing their bums off waiting to party. Lately there’s been a lots of new restaurants brewing delicious cocktails and creating extensive menus, bumping this area up from retail rodeo into a class of culinary delight.

While it’s not the newest restaurant in the neighborhood, we had never been to Kingston Station until early last week. We had always heard a positive buzz about this bar-cafe-restaurant, but never had actually dined there. So with good company we sat down for a delicious meal. First of all, we simply found it interesting that Kingston Station’s bar serves Absinthe. Check their online menu where they declares “Yes! It’s legal now!” and see the Kubler Absinthe, served with spring water and sugar cubes. While we can assume it’s not quite as potent as what they drank in the Montmartre of the early 20th century, you can pretty much declare you aren’t driving for the night. Or walking, in our case. And we just stayed on their reasonably priced wine list…

Naturally, we’re as difficult as possible when it comes to ordering our meals. Despite tempting offers such as the truffle fries as an appetizer, we decided to go with the ahi tuna burger, served with cucumbers, cilantro, onion, and wasabi mayo next to freshly-cut potato chips, as rare as can be. Also available on top off a salad, Kingston Station’s ahi tuna was a taste of perfection. Topped off with a slice of gruyere, we thought it was the perfect end to a day.

If you’re the morning type, or even the morning-after type, Kingston Station now serves a weekend brunch until 2pm. A French twist on traditional favorite such as the lobster mac and cheese (topped with gruyere, of course!) will please many hangovers. But if you still raring to go after midnight, they also have a late-night menu that’s nothing to shrug at. Truffle fries always did help those things that go bump in the night rest sweetly in the morning.

Kingston Station [MenuPages]
Kingston Station [Official Site]

[Photo: flickr/CiaoChessa]

Things That Go Bump In The Night