The Spring Menu at Avenues: ‘The Life Cycle of Fennel’

After a month-long hiatus for rest, relaxation, and recipe development, Chef Curtis Duffy et al will be reopening Avenues at the Peninsula hotel next Wednesday, February 4th. On his blog, Duffy gives us a glimpse of what went on during that time:

One of my goals for January was to conceptualize new dishes for the spring menu of 2009. The approach was simple, I was to compose one new dish a day so at the end of January when we reopened I would have 31 new dishes conceptualized on paper that I could start to work on.

A selection of what we can expect from the Spring 09 menu: a melange of Jidori Chicken, Sudachi Sherbet, Consomme of it’s Carcass, Shiso Petals, a hearty Wagyu Beef Cheek Cannelloni, Kaffir Lime, Black Sesame in Forms, Coriander Blooms, and the intriguingly named “The Life Cycle Of Fennel.”

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[Photo of lamb from last spring’s Avenues menu via DuffBlog]


The Spring Menu at Avenues: ‘The Life Cycle of Fennel’