The Chronicle Over Coffee

Ah, it’s nice to be back at the table, enjoying a hot cup of San Francisco Chronicle food section for breakfast. Stay tuned for the weeklies this afternoon.

• Marlena Spieler goes in for some petty theft of the neighborhood lemon tree, enjoying the tang of lawlessness and citrus alike. [A zest for lemons]

• Turns out even vegetarians have trouble managing calories (what hope, then, for the rest of us?). Amanda Berne shares some tips for meatless slimming. [Lightening up the meatless dinner]

• Chef’s Night In gets ahold of Amber India honcho Vittal Shetty for some insight on his background, his local influences, and the input he gets from his wife. [Home meals inspire menu at Amber India]

• The tasting panel awarded Newman’s Own soy crisps the lackluster title of “most edible.” [Taster’s Choice]

• Michael Bauer weighs in on Epic Roasthouse with a thoroughly mixed, 2.5-star review. [Steakhouse cuisine not up to Epic prices]

• And Baraka closes after eight years, Aqua slashes lunch service, and Brandon Jew leaves Magnolia. [Inside Scoop]

The Chronicle Over Coffee