The Chronicle Over Cocktails

We’re counting down the days, here, until the San Francisco Chronicle robs us of the joys of creating these little roundups for you. There’s going to be a very different feel to our Wednesdays and Friday’s soon enough. But in the meantime, here’s one last look at the Friday wine section, for old times’ sake.

• The big cover feature profiles Anthill Farms, a once-scrappy, once-little winery that has landed its bottles on some of the best wine lists in the area after just five years. [Making a mountain out of Anthill]

• OK, this is pretty fun: Amanda Berne interviews Maverick owner Mike Pierce about which wines pair best with which junk-food snacks. [Junk food, prepare to meet your match]

• John Bonne takes a look at some good options for toasting our new president. Remember, Barack Obama’s inaugural luncheon featured solely pairings from California, so we have a vested interest in this. [Toasting Obama: Celebrate the new administration with wine]

• Selections takes a look at relatively delicate Zinfandel varieties from Dry Creek Valley. [Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel]

• And Pairings shares a recipe for baked penne with meat and mushroom sauce to go with all that Zin. [Dry Creek Zinfandel makes a penne-wise partner]

• Finally, The Cheese Course looks at a Swiss-influenced cheese from Modesto’s Fiscalini Farms. [Cheesemaker milks Swiss heritage for Lionza]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails