The Chronicle Over Cocktails

Hot darn! This Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle wine section has some news that will change the way we drink coffee. Or at least the way we write these little roundups. Whichever. Seems the normal Wednesday food section is moving to Sunday, with a little Thursday booster to be built into the Datebook. Well, don’t you fret. We’ll figure out some way to keep delivering your roundups. Some way…

Meanwhile, here’s your happy-hour look at the wine section:

• Sherry seems to be the retro drink of the now. Jon Bonné gets into the story behind the current trend and some food matches. [Restaurants’ pairings ease novices into sherry]

• With the recent Pisco craze, one very specialized company finds a booming trade — in pineapple-infused gum arabic syrup, of course. Camper English interviews Small Hand Foods founder Jennifer Colliau. [A small hand in the perfect drink]

• The Cocktailian tries to settle that whole Rob Roy question once and for all. [Scotch’s honor - the true Rob Roy]

• Selections checks out 2007 German Reislings, as the headline suggests. [2007 German Riesling]

• And Pairings has a pomegranate-sauced duck recipe to go with those fruity varietals. [Sauce unites duck with Riesling]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails